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Teaching Outline for Theme 4 (Unit 4)

Teaching Outline for Theme 4 (Unit 4): Global Business

Unit Description

  • Understanding of concepts introduced in Units 1, 2, and 3 in a global context
  • Exploring business activity on a global scale
  • Understanding the globally competitive environment
  • Considering the ethical and moral dimensions of global business activities


  • Growing economies
    • Characteristics of developed, developing, and emerging economies
    • Growing economic power shifts
    • Implications of economic growth
    • Indicators of growth: GDP, HDI
  • International trade and business growth
    • Exports and imports
    • Implications of increasing specialization
    • Foreign direct investment (FDI) and business growth
  • Factors contributing to increased globalisation


  • Organizational culture
  • Size of the organization
  • Time/speed of change
  • Managing resistance to change
  • Transformative leadership

Contingency Planning

  • Identifying key risks: natural disasters, IT system failures, loss of key staff
  • Planning for risk mitigation: business continuity, succession planning
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